Two hours ... twelve great-tasting homemade meals
Fresh, Foolproof, Fast and Fun     (919)303-3119
How it Works
  • Go to this web site any time of day or night
  • Choose a session
  • Select your meals
  • Come to our store
  • Prepare your entrees
  • Relax - dinner is ready when you are!

What it Costs
  • Packages start at just $84.00 for 3 full size meals. That's just $4.00 per serving based on 6 servings. The more meals you buy, the cheaper the per meal cost.
  • Don’t have 1-2 hours to spare? We’ll assemble your meals and have them ready for pick-up. Assembly charge: $2.50 per meal


You’ll be feeding your family with the freshest ingredients available. All of our meats are hand-trimmed and our produce is sliced and diced to order. Using food from restaurant suppliers, you’ll get the highest quality at a fraction of the price. And remember - you put your meals together, so you can customize them to your own taste.

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